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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mom's Trip

Oops, I think mom left Saturday morning with Kenny & Ling. They were going to stop in Livermore for a couple of nights to visit with everyone. Mom was looking forward to the trip.

all for now.


Thanks for the Letter

Thanks for sharing that letter about Dad. Sometimes I can't believe he is really gone. I keep thinking when I call Globe that he will answer the phone. It is amazing how many people loved him. Kali is going to be baptized this October and I was just thinking about my baptism. It was a great experience to have Dad baptize me. I have been talking to the Relief Society President in the Ward we will go to if we move. She said they have alot of widows in the ward and they all hang out together. They take weekly trips to the temple together. If mom does decide to move with us then I think she will enjoy that ward. It is a small ward with all age groups. She said they all take care of each other. Anyway, hope all is well with everyone. Just trying to get back into the swing of school, etc.


Chili 4 Me and Letter to Us

I know I would like a lifetime supply of chili. I don't know how much that is, but I would like that much. Since Mom has a buyer for all of it, I will gladly buy it for whatever it costs. Just let me know. I heard Mom was going to Oregon with Kenny & Ling. When is that trip? Is she doing that?
When Dad passed away, I spammed everyone on his contact list to let them know about the funeral. I have been getting a lot of letters from his friends and I think I should be sharing them. I have learned a lot about Dad lately and I'm really proud of him. I promise to share what hear from now on. The letter below is from a friend that Dad really cared a lot about. I felt like I knew this family because Dad talked about them so much. This man found out that he had to battle cancer about the same time Dad did. When Dad died, Phil was in the hospital recovering from surgery. His family didn't tell him about Dad for 3 days because they only wanted good thoughts.

Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 11:15 AM
Subject: RE: For your family

I apologize for the delay but I have my reasons.
The most imperative of which were my med problems, pill popping and inability to write
lucidly about something so important to me.

To begin, I must confess that I feel strangely cheated.
I am envious of those of you who were able to be with him either before or during his passing
and at his services.

In a way my not seeing him is very much like our friendship.
He and I met face to face only three times in our lives.
Once in a Mexican restaurant in Globe with Carlene and Vera, once in a sushi restaurant in Tucson with Bernie Burba, who by the way, introduced us via email some time back.

Email and an occasional phone call were our lifelines.

They were perhaps, even more than lifelines, blood lines might be a better description.
They certainly bonded us as close as family.
It didn't take long for my wife and daughters to also become a part of that relation.

Internet communication was not really the bonding agent.

What tied us together was our shared love of family, country, and God in all aspects and
the ability to see the humor in life and love.

In my 74 years I have never had a better friend or known a better man.

The tears came easily and without shame.
I shall remember and miss Jose for the rest of my life.

You are a fortunate family to have had him.
May you continue to be blessed.

Phil Martignetti

Chile 4 U

I really need to know within the next couple weeks how much chili family members want. There is mostly yellow hot. Whatever is not taken by chillens I will buy the rest from Mom. CONGRATULATIONS to Brian on the Tahoe purchase! and his new home purchase! Also Congrats to Tanner as he is entering High School this month!! Dang.

Joe Jr.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Globe Stuff

Susan and I went to Globe yesterday to help mom get rid of some more stuff. We brought home a load of things for D.I. As I see it, there are going to have to be some really concentrated moving days in the near future. Mom is supposed to be out of the house by Sept. 14th, with school starting soon, I think there will need to be a couple of Saturdays where we can all meet there, and take loads of stuff to D.I., to the dump, to our own homes etc....

Anyway, while we were there I made a list of a few things that Mom really wants to give to someone. They include: a solar oven that has never been used, a big roaster pan/ chafing dish, her sewing machine, 2 ice cream freezers, a badminton set, and the bicycle rack that fits into the tow receiver that Dad had made so he could help move missionaries. If you or any of your children want any of these things please email me and let me know.

Mom has boxes set a side for every kid in the family that she is adding to. She has mistakingly put a few things in the wrong box - like the sweet potato instrument - if you ended up with that please let me know. I ended up with a few things that I would like to give to some of you. I guess we will see each other at Jaree's wedding.

Love to all,

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Graham County Pageant

I forgot to mention Alli is entering the Miss Graham County Pageant. Pageant night is the 19th of August, not sure on time yet. Sounds like even more shopping!!!


P.S. Can't wait to see C.J.'s and Morgan's hair. They are special little ones to me.

Bridal Shower

Invitations are going out tomorrow (and I helped put them together.......I'm special) for Jaree's bridal shower. Aug 5th from 1-3, no gifts because she wants pampered chef stuff. Just bring money! I am sure hoping this wedding will jump start them into getting their lives together and on the right road. Sheryl is making me get alot of landscaping etc finished in the event some of you can make it to the shower and see our new place. I will definitely make sure all the showers are working too since their will be a fairly big crowd.
I do know, Jolene, that Mom may need some help cancelling cableone internet etc. I met Sharmon on Saturday regarding the chili and she mentioned that.
Chili................... Sharmon ended up not wanting alot of it so I bought him out, grinder, hydraters, etc. It doesn't mean I have to end up with it all I just wanted him to be happy and out of the picture. So, everyone needs to express how much of what you want of dad's portion cuz Tastee Freeze will buy the rest for our green chili recipe.
On Brian's behalf, he is definitely going to buy the Tahoe, $4,000, but is having to sell his car first. He had a bite on it and they are supposed to look at it tomorrow. I think he would be happy for everyone to know that Shelly helped him make an offer on a house. It is in escrow and I for one hope all goes well. He is a very bright young man who has figured out things most of us didn't get until we were in our thirties! I am going down Tuesday to do his termite inspection and check the house out. Shelly, he is very very happy with you and is so glad that family could be involved to help him.

Happy Sunday

How is everyone? Enjoying your Sunday?? Courtney and Morgan got their haircut yesterday and they look so cute!! I really didn't want Courtney to do it - but she wanted a more grown up cut (with layers) and I have to admit it is really cute. Speaking of hair - Alan teaches the 11 year old boys in Primary and is their scout leader too. That is Devon's class. The lesson today was on Samson - so of course he used Devon and his long hair as an example!!

Susan and I are heading up to Globe tomorrow for a quick trip. We are just planning on getting a load of D.I. stuff and bringing it down to the D.I. We will try and help Mom in any other way we can, labeling things etc... So, if you can think of anything else you want let me know. I know the George Washington at Valley Forge that some of us bought Dad last year for Father's Day will be a hot commodity. We need to come up with some kind of name drawing or something if there are items that more than one person wants. Let me know what you think.

I hope you all have a good week. I hope we will all get to be together again soon - maybe Jaree's wedding.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thank You Jolene!

Thank you for the birthday wish, Jolene! Joe just doesn't like birthdays because he is OLD!!!!!

We are going to Glenwood for a little day trip today to join the Reeds at a cousins reunion. Then we will come home and go to our Pioneer Day celebration. Lots of good fun and company!

Hope all of you have a great weekend.....especially Grumpy Old Joe!!!!!

Happy Birthday Lynda!!

I know this isn't a competition but I did want to be the first one to say Happy Birthday to Lynda here on the blog!! I hope you have a great day Lynda!! I love you and I care it is your birthday unlike that brother of ours!


Friday, July 21, 2006


Oh yeah, Jer's birthday...........who cares?! Oh yeah, Lynda's birthday..........who cares?!
Mine is in November. I'll be 47............who cares?! Would have enjoyed the sushi though. :)


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thank you to all everyone that was able to make it to my birthday dinner. It was a blast!
It's 10:53 now...

I think I'm really going to like this movie...

Better late than never

This is the first time today I have been able to sit down at my computer - it is 10:45 p.m.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

For those of you who missed it, we went out to dinner at Jeremy's favorite place Got Sushi. I've been there with Jeremy a few times, but tonight I know why it is Jeremy's favorite place. And I have pictures to prove it. Good times....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Draper, Harper, Goodman, Call and Ridd

Draper, Harper, Goodman, Call and Ridd

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Agree!

I also echo Joe's desire to all be together. However, after being down there last week, I would have to say that you all would have to come here! That heat is too much for me!!! I do like the shopping, though! Hmmm.......heat and shopping and family, or cool and nowhere to shop but Wal-Mart and no family. Seems like a no-brainer!!!

As for the Mom situation...we all grieve in different ways. I'm sure she is trying to keep busy so she won't think. She will have to face it sometime, but she has to do it in her own way and at her own time. I'm glad she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell us to get lost so she can do it her own way! She has proven to all of us over the years how strong and determined she is! Why should now be any different!!!!!

I hope you are feeling better, Joe. Pneumonia is not a good thing anytime, but particularly frustrating in the summer!

Not much going on here. Just trying to get through pool season. Band has already started. They are putting a new roof on the high school and apparently didn't have cover on when a big storm hit. Our band room leaked and ruined a lot of percussion equipment, a set of lockers and the carpet. It smells like an old hotel room in there!! I don't know what they have been doing, but my office looks like a war zone. They have taken down ceiling tiles and there is an inch of dust EVERYWHERE. Not a good way to start the school year. I don't think they will have it ready for us before school starts....we will have to start out in the auditorium. When you work for the State of New Mexico it's always something!!! But the band sounds good and we are off to a good start. Amanda is in high school this year. She isn't liking the sousaphone much! We put ice hot on her shoulder every night! Poor thing. At least she grew and isn't that scrawny little girl that I was imagining having to carry that big ole thing! When I get a schedule I will post it and invite any and all of you to come see our little wonder band!!! We are UP to 30 this year!

Love you all,

Monday, July 17, 2006

Great idea Joe!!

I agree with Joey that we should all live closer together. I have wanted for a long time to be able to help each other, share with each other and depend on each other more. That is why I started this blog. I love that everyone is using it to share. By the way Joe, I heard that you are in your sick bed today. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Susan and I went to Globe today to help Mom. We intended to spend the night and help tomorrow too, but Mom threw us out after only a couple of hours. I really don't know why, she told us that she was feeling nervous and wanted to be alone. I think I can speak for Susan when I say that we think that maybe Mom is feeling rushed or that there is just too much change at one time. I don't know how things can be any different but I am worried that she hasn't really grieved yet. She is staying so busy she doesn't really think about things too much maybe. But she really is serious about getting rid of stuff. I took up some blue tape and wrote the names on the things that you have told me that you want. Please keep sending lists of things you might think of. Not just the big things, little things too, like dishes, glasses etc...

I love you all and hope you are having a good week!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Second Entry!

The blog is great! This is my second posting! Am I cool or what? nobody answer that please. My friend Vince and I rode our motorcycles to Alpine on Wednesday and got torched! I don't know how you people live in Mesa! I also ended up with a minor case of pneumonia, go figure how that happened. Feeling a little better today. The dust is settling a little in the famiy and work now begins. I am very enthusiastic about the future and the direction our extended family is headed. Kudos to Devon, Don, Donna, Ora, and Saralyn. May all your children be born naked! (as dad would say). Just to make sure all are aware of Jaree's wedding date change, 26 Aug 06, Saturday, over here ta Pima. You girls should be getting bridal shower invites soon. Will be a great day for me to be out of town! We are getting our landscaping completed in the next couple weeks. Sure wish I felt like doing it myself but I am fried on this project. My heart swells as I contemplate the impact our family is beginning to have on the world. Very proud of Brian, Amron, Adam for serving missions. I am thrilled with Ashley and Mike being married in the temple. Things acts will help the rest of us and we continue to seek out the right things in life. There is great cause for personal righteousness just within our own family. As time moves on the numbers on the other side are increasing to our favor. Let's all be concerned for one another. Better yet, let's all find a cozy place to live next door to each other! :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

We Are the Champions ...

They did it! Devon's baseball team pulled out a victory last night and beat the number one team to win the City League Championship!! It was a close one - it was tied in the last inning when they got some big hits and won 5 to 3. My heart was pounding so hard - I don't know how these young boys kept it together!! It was very exciting! We were sad to leave Ora's party, and miserable sitting out in the heat - but boy, was it a good game.

Friday, July 14, 2006

What a Day!!!

Just wanted to also added my wishes of Happy Birthday Uncle Don..
Happy Anniversary Don & Donna...How many is this?
Congrats on your new home Saralyn
Happy B-day tomorrow Ora

Ditto again!!

Lynda beat me to it!!
Happy Birthday Don!! and Happy Anneversary too!!
But now I know to wish Saralyn Happy New House!!
I love you all!!

Lots of Action Today!!

Happy Birthday to Don!!

Happy Anniversary to Don and Donna!!

I'm not sure when Ora's birthday is, but Happy Birthday and I hope you have lots of fun at your party tonight. I sure wish we could be there with all of you.

Saralyn and Eric close on their new house today! Happy New Home to them!

I hope everyone has a great day today. I love you all!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lyle's sister and Globe trip

Jolene if all goes well I would like to come and help. I have mentally went through stuff and there are some things I would like but to be honest I don't know that she still has them, and they aren't necessities. I am not interested in any of the big stuff.
Also Lyle's Sister Debbie (left at Disneyland with family in April 2005 Lyle was getting her wet) has made a fast recovery again, she was in the hospital and we thought we were going to loose her this time, but come to find out she was having all the symptoms shown on the side effect list for a shot the Dr. gave her. I'm not really sure what the shot was for, but Sophie was reading the literature on it and read all the symptoms. So they were able to help her afterall. She is still in really bad shape, but for now she is okay, they are keeping her in the hospital for a couple more days.
For those of you who don't know, Debbie had breast cancer several years ago, and it mastisided(sp) anyway it's in her bones so she is in a lot of pain and is to the point she can't walk without some kind of assistance, and she falls often. She hasn't been responding well to this latest dosage of chemo...they just keep trying...she remains in our prayers always. She has amazing courage and doesn't give up easily, her goal is to live 6 more years, until her youngest is 21. I am just grateful she is okay again...I was about to loose it....if you know what I mean.
Anyway, let me know when you are going to Globe.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stuff, stuff and more stuff....

Thank you Lynda for e-mailing me your wish list. I am really serious people, Mom is packing stuff up and shipping it out. Even if you told her you want something, I promise you, she doesn't remember what you said and is going by my list. Someone told her (Jeremy maybe) that you wanted some book shelves, if that is the case let me know. Today she found some boxes of fabric, some brand new, some already made into quilt tops. She also has 2 t.v.'s to give away. She will be in Globe tomorrow and be here again on Friday to sign some papers at the Title company and we will do a few more errands together. I will try and convince her to stay the weekend so she gets some rest, but she is really going gung-ho on the house. She is not sad, she feels like she is constantly being strengthened, otherwise she would not have the courage to get rid of so much stuff. I am really proud of her and the incredibly, positive attitude that she has. She has lost her mate, she is moving and she is parting with 95% of her possessions, all at the same time. Monday, Joe and Jeremy are going to Globe to clean Dad's office. I will be there to help Mom for a few days, anyone is welcome to come. She wanted to be alone for these first few days, but next week we can really be of some use. Please let me know - your thoughts and your desires.... (for the stuff... nothing else - )


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A little more...

Mom wants me to mention that there are a lot of tools that somebody might want. And I forgot to mention that I have a box of the programs that Susan made. There are about 50 left - if anybody wants some let me know and I will mail them to you.



I just want to agree with Don, Shelly, Lynda and Susan's thoughts on the funeral. It was one that I think Dad would have enjoyed. I found out later that Mom really couldn't hear any of it - so she thought it was a little too long... but what are you going to do. I wish she would have told me that she normally wears a hearing boost when she is in church. I could have got her one for the funeral. But we did get one on Sunday that is checked out in her name so that now when we are at church she can hear what is going on.

Kenny asked me for a copy of everyone's memories that I used in my talk. I didn't use what everyone sent - then it really would have been too long. So I am going to e-mail him what you all e-mailed me. So, if you did not send me anything - send it now and I will compile them all and send them to anyone that wants it.

Mom went to Globe yesterday for the day. She got some stuff done, her mailing address changed, her paper stopped etc... She is staying here the next few days to go the the hearing center and the eye dr. She wants to go back up at the end of the week to do a little bit more organizing on her own. Next week I will go up to help for a few days. She wants everyone to let her know what they want. I will keep everyone posted here on the blog of the things that might be of interest to anyone. But if there is something you already know that you want, let me know. She is planning to keep the hospital bed, and one of the newer couches (from the front room at the old house) and her lazy-boy chair. She wants to know if anyone wants the camping trailer or any of the furniture. Don't be shy, e-mail me with your lists. jolene593@msn.com
She thinks someone asked about the piano - but she can't remember who. I don't know if Ashley or Saralyn or Brian might want some things to start their households with. There is plenty of stuff!!

I think mom is doing great. She went to Devon's baseball game with us last night - she fell asleep during a little bit of it - but she is looking forward to the championship game on Thursday. She is hoping to go with Kenny and Ling to Oregon at the end of the month and visit with her sisters in California. We love having her here in our home - and are being very possessive about it. Nicole is her shadow and I think mom is kind of relying on her some. They are rarely apart from each other.

I love you all - I know this is long. Sorry.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just to say Hello

Funny as I read all the blogs since the last time I had been on. I wish I had checked in sooner. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you all and love you very much. I think all in all Dad would have enjoyed his funeral, I don't know about the rest of you but I could feel him there so I guess he did enjoy it. I like Don wish we could have all gotten together after the service, it felt so empty not to have the final time together as a family.
Thank you all for taking care of everything....
I slept almost all day Sunday. I got up went to churc h(we meet at 2:30), and came home and went to bed early. I did get up around 7:30 cuz Amron called. He was able to talk for 15 minutes, it went by so quickly. It was good to hear his voice...you know what's weird I thought he was Jeremy at first, his voice sounds very much like his. He thought it was funny that I didn't realize it was him at first. He is doing well, but is saddened by Dad's passing. I hope he will be all right. He loved him very much. They had a very good relationship.
Well, I have rambled on enough....take care, and we need to take time together as a family soon.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Thanks to All

I just want to thank all of you for making our time in Mesa so enjoyable. Thank you for all of the invitations to stay in your homes. I hope you all understand that we needed to be in "our own place."

I'm so thankful that Dad is through with his suffering. I depended on him so very much for my emotional well being. I know that Marion will pick up the slack, but it is a very difficult adjustment. But I am strong and I will make it!

The funeral was wonderful, as were all the other activities that we had as a family. I hope that we will all make time to get together soon. I love all of my brothers and sisters. I'm thankful to belong to this wonderful family.

Let's all keep in touch!

With much love,

What a Wonderful Family

HELLO everyone! I have been so nervous about posting a Blog, but here it goes. Well, dad said that he did not want his funeral to be a boring one; I think he got what he wanted. You all did such an awesome job! I am so glad that the younger children got to hear stories about what dad was like when he was healthier. Even though when we got home and asked them to tell us a story about dad, Joselyn said "I remember one where he did not want to be bothered anymore by someone named Brother Vance to go to church so he answered the door with a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other and in his underwear". So she can pass that story along to her kids.

I also want to tell you guys that I am so honored and proud to be part of such a wonderful family. When Jeremy and I got sealed, Dad said "do you know what you have done? You are stuck with us forever." Well I don't think I could of picked a better family. You guys are so much fun. I enjoy the get-togethers that we have and hope that we can do even more.

I also hope that Jeremy and I can help our children feel the way you guys do about having no halves or steps in our family. We are just a family. I love you all.


Post-Funeral Thoughts

Hello, All!

I felt like yesterday was WONDERFUL! Saw so many people I had no idea who they were. I wish there would have been time to meet each of them and learn of their connection. Uncle Ellis pointed out to me that at a funeral so many different types of people come together and the only person who knows all of them is the one in the casket!

Whoever had the idea of the girls singing- God bless you! They were such a good addition to the program and it was so neat tobe able to catch up with them during the luncheon.

As I watched how the grandkids handled their song I was impressed with the range of emotions. Many of them will never know how fun Dad was because they never knew him to be healthy. The older ones were all definitely affected. A friend once told me that there is nothing like a funeral to soften the heart of a teen.

I wish we had planned some kind of get together AFTER the graveside service. That was the only downside to me of having the luncheon in between. Without that, though, I don't know if I could have made it through our song.

My love goes out to each of you. It was such a strengthening feeling to just be in your presence. I appreciated Jolene's thought that there has never been any step-this, or half-that amongst us. For me it goes for the in-laws as well- you are all my brothers and sisters and I thank God for each and every one of you.

I echo Jolene's thoughts on another post- thanks to Lonny for taking charge during the planning meeting. Thanks to Kenny as well for being the Old Goat now! I hope you will grab the bull (or goat) by the horns and call some kind of reunion together at some point. Dad was a unifying influence among our geographically scattered family. I hope this website can replace what has been lost there.

I love you all!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Maybe this is crazy.....

I know we are all together right now, and we set up this blog so that we can all keep in touch, AND so many of you are here from out of town and away from your computers..... BUT I feel so much better when I am able to write some of these thoughts down. I know I should probablly be following the counsel of the prophets and keeping a regular journal, I do try, and I MAKE the kids do it, but this is just easier for me at the moment.

I didn't have the best feeling after the "family meeting" last night. I know I was really tired, and that probablly had a lot to do with how I felt when it was over. I also know that we are all grieving and perhaps, handling our grief in different ways. But, I was really hoping that last night was going to be a night of planning, and also of comforting each other and laughing and reminiscing. Instead, I felt like I couldn't get away fast enough. I hope that doesn't offend anyone. I love all of you so much. I think maybe with all eight of us trying to do what is right by Mom and trying to honor Dad's wishes it was just too much. Or maybe, I am just being the spoiled little sister who expected a little bit more hand holding and Kumba Ya singing.

My point of saying all of this is really to tell you all that I love you. I know that when all of the funeral stuff is over, I will be relieved, as I am sure the rest of you will. I hope I didn't offend anyone and if I did - I am truly sorry. Let's make it through these next few days loving and caring for each other and mom. I am looking forward to being in the temple with all of you tomorrow afternoon. So far, I have told everyone the 5:30 session - I hope that is what you are all planning.

Thank you Lonny for taking charge last night and thank you Lynda for calling me today and suggesting lunch. Big kisses from the little sister----


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sad Day

Today is a sad day but it is a day of so many other emotions as well. I am so happy to be part of such a wonderful family that supports and loves one another. I am so grateful to have a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and to know that the temple covenants we have made will enable us to be together forever if we live worthily. I am concerned for Mom and hope that her wishes for these next few days are met. I am relieved that Moms wishes for Dad to die peacefully and comfortably were met this morning. I am nervous for the funeral and all of these people who will see me for the first time in many years and think "boy, she's fat!". I am comforted in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves me and answers my prayers. I am hopeful that my children will understand what a good man their grandpa was and know how much he loved them. I am heartbroken that he wont be here for priesthood ordinations, baptisms, graduations, missions and weddings.

I was able to spend some time alone with dad and I told him what a comfort it has always been in my life to never question his love for me. I could do some pretty rotten things and know that he would still love me. He said, "You're my sugan, .... I love you..... lots." But his last words to me were as I was telling him last night that we were going to leave, and his neighbors alarm was going off, and he said, "Is this a raid?" So... I'll always have that. :)